What I Learned From Visiting Thirty Museums in Europe

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1. Accessibility and Engagement: Museums must cater to diverse visitors, including solo travelers, families, seniors, and those with disabilities, ensuring an engaging and inclusive experience for all. 2. Collaboration: Strong partnerships between museums and urban infrastructure — such as public transport and city signage — are vital for creating a seamless cultural experience. 3. Visitor Experience: The emotional impact and ambiance of a museum …

Museum AI

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Ten (10) Reasons Museums Should Hire Museum Planning LLC to Embrace the Power of AI; Immersive Exhibits and Personalized Visitor Experiences .

Museums and a Metaphysical Crisis

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Today the world faces a metaphysical crisis, and I believe museums have an essential role in providing leadership in times of crisis by providing leadership to audiences. I am in the minority in this view; most people do not share my point of view and instead believe that museums should “stay out of politics” or “should maintain a neutral point …