Museum Collection Database Interactive Touch Table

City of McDonough Georgia

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C.O. Polk Interactive Museum, McDonough, Georgia. Opened to the public July 20, 2019. Museum Master Planning, Museum Exhibition Design and Interior Architecture by Museum Planning LLC.

Renovated an unused Post Office into a highly interactive history museum. The Museum includes videos, digital interactive touch tables, object recognition digital table, holograms, projection mapping, and body movement interactive timeline.

Mongolia Museum Concept

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Chinggis Khaan Museum & Cultural Center website The museum places visitors in 13th century Mongolia to understand Chinggis Khaan, the Emporer and aristocracy. In addition to focusing on the person of Chinggis Khaan, the museum immerses visitors in understanding the peace and culture of the past, current, and future Mongolia, including the culture of horses, religion, landscape, and military history. …