Museums 101, Pre-order

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Museums 101

Museums 101 is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

After two years of research, writing and review by industry experts, Museums 101 is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

In one short volume, I cover:
• Essential Background, such as what is a museum, a quick history of museums, and 10 steps to starting a museum
• Operational Basics, such as branding, marketing, strategic planning, governance, accessibility, and day-to-day operations
• What goes on behind the scenes in a museum, ranging from finances to fundraising to art handling, exhibit management, and research
• The Visitor Experience, planning a museum, designing exhibits for visitors, programming, and exhibit evaluation.

Features that even the most experienced museum professionals will find useful include a community outreach checklist, a fundraising checklist, a questionnaire for people considering starting a new museum, and an exhaustive, well-organized list of online resources for museum operations. The book’s contents were overseen by a six-member international advisory board.

Valuable appendixes you’ll use every day include a museum toolbox full of useful forms, checklists, and worksheets, and a glossary of essential museum-related terms. In addition to the printed book, Museums 101 also features a companion website exclusively for readers of the book.

The website,, features:
• links to essential online resources in the museum world,
• downloadable sample documents,
• a glossary,
• a bibliography of sources for further reading, and
• photographs of more than 75 museums of all types.

What people are saying about Museums 101:
“Museums 101 is a straight forward ‘how-to’ book for people new to the field of museums and for those interested in entering professions in the museum field. A perfect book to hand to a new volunteer, new staff or board member and say ‘here are the basics.”
-Van A. Romans, president, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, and member of the Board of Trustees, American Alliance of Museums

“Museums 101 is very interesting and useful for those managing museums or interested in organizing one.”
-Sergey Solovyev, Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities, The State Hermitage Museum, Russia

“Museums 101 is an amazing and comprehensive resource, full of great insights of how museums work.”
-Alison Spence, Exhibitions and Loans Registrar, National Museum of Australia

Museums 101 is sure to become one of the museum books essential to museum founders, museum staff and museum enthusiasts. Pre-order yours today on Amazon !