Exhibition Concept Rendering

Museum Planning LLC Process

MarkMuseum Master Planning

Since 1999 Museum Planning LLC has been providing services as interactive museum planning and design studio. To date we have been part of opening more than forty museums including projects in the USA, Mexico, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Malaysia. Our services are “turnkey” including, feasibility, strategic planning, exhibition design, fabrication management and staff training

Museum Planning LLC Typical Project Phases:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Business Planning
  3. Museum Master Planning & Exhibition Design
  4. Project Management

We also provide project management from start to finish.  As a reference the C.O. Polk Interactive Museum (about the same size as your planned museum, 240 square meters) was $1.5M usd not including base building construction.  

Please contact me if we can be of assistance with your “start-up” museum, museum expansion or new exhibition project.

– Mark Walhimer