Museum Owner’s Representative

“Museum Board of Director Whisperer”

  • Are you a start-up museum unsure of your plans?
  • Are you a museum going through a significant transition?
  • Are you a Board member unsure of potential costs?

The owner’s representative serves the Board of Directors, advising on museum site selection, building design, exhibition design, visitor experience, contracts, and fundraising and always serving the Board of Directors to ensure that the museum’s best interests are carried out.

Costs are dependent on the Scope of Work; typically, fees are in the range 1% to 2% of capital costs.

-Mark Walhimer

Mark Walhimer is a managing partner of Museum Planning, LLC, a museum planning and exhibition design studio, and the author of two books, Museums 101 (2015) and Designing Museum Experiences (2021). He oversees Museum Courses and is the founder of the Museum Planner resources website. Mark has more than twenty-five years of experience working in and as a consultant to museums.