museum assessment process

Museum Assessment

Museum Institutional Assessment is the process that can help your museum attain excellence throughout your institution, including visitor experience, staffing, finances, operations, and planning. This confidential process includes an onsite visit, institutional research, benchmarking, museum industry best practices, and recommendations.

Museum Assessment Process:

museum assessment process
  1. Step 1 Quantitative Research: Community, Demographics, and Institutional Research.
  2. Step 2 Qualitative Research: In-person meeting and discussion of institutional goals.
  3. Step 3 Written Report: Written report with benchmarks and recommendations.

Institutional Assessment includes the collection of both quantitative and qualitative information compared to similar museums in similar communities to improve museum programming, services, and institutional development.

The process provides the museum’s answer to the effectiveness question: how well are we achieving our museum’s mission and goals?

All Visitor Touch Points:

museum assessment process
museum journey map

A museum assessment includes a review of the museum and all touchpoints with stakeholders. This includes board members, staff, visitors, business suppliers, superintendents of schools, teachers, local businesses, and city government.

Museum Digital Transformation

COVID-19 has forever changed museums and museum operations, including online experiences, visitor expectations, community impact, and the role of museums. An important part of museum assessment includes the museum’s digital presence and readiness for digital interaction.

Museum Digital Transformation includes;

  1. Process Transformation
  2. Business Model Transformation
  3. Domain Transformation
  4. Cultural/Organizational Transformation

Museum digital transformation includes enabling museum visitors to use smartphones or tablets throughout the visitor experience, digitizing museum collections and making collections available online, to engaging with people before or after their visits via online channels.

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