Interactive Museum Exhibition Designer

Museums Planning, LLC is a group of educators, designers, and evaluators, dedicated to creating fun, participatory learning for family audiences. We love learning about new content, brainstorming ideas to create exciting experiences, and prototyping and testing ideas with the public.

Interactive Museum Exhibition Designer “What does that mean?”

If you ask ten people what is an interactive museum you will receive ten different answers. Spanning the range from “a museum that has push buttons” to “mixed reality including virtual reality and the metaverse.” Our solution at Museum Planning, LLC is closer to the second answer and more. We have been involved in interactive museums for thirty years, including the opening of Liberty Science Center (1995), the expansion of the Children’s Museum of Manhattan (1996), and the opening of Discovery Science Center, Santa Ana (1998). A lot has changed, and much has stayed the same.

Interactive Museum Exhibition Designer

The technologies have certainly changed in thirty years, but the reasons for museum interactivity have stayed the same. Activity-based informal learning has proven to be the most effective way for people to learn and retain information and, most importantly, for people to own the content. The information becomes “theirs.”

An interactive museum exhibition designer is a group of people dedicated to creating fun, participatory learning for public education.

  1. Educational Objectives
  2. Audience Research
  3. Brain Storming
  4. Prototyping and Testing
  5. Evaluation
  6. Revisions
  7. Design
  8. Fabrication
  9. Testing with public
  10. Evaluation
  11. Changes

New Blended Realities Online and In-person

At Museum Planning, LLC, we are always searching for the future of interactive, immersive educational experiences. The new lot is a mixed reality of partially in-person experiences and partially metaverse virtual experiences, including augmented reality as part of the in-person experience. This new future we find very exciting and opens many new avenues for children’s museums and science centers.

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  • Research on informal education
  • Examples of projects include the African Museum, McDonough, Tennessee.