WE PLAN WONDER Museum Planning, LLC Is a full-service museum planning and exhibition design studio. Since 1999, we have participated in opening and expanding more than forty museums worldwide. Museums are changing. Today’s audiences demand inclusive, educational and entertaining adventures, while old-fashioned exhibitions are left in the dust. Our staff and consultants share a passion for creating memorable, interactive and educational family experiences.

Our projects include (but are not limited to) the following: ■ Science centers ■ Art museums ■ Natural history museums ■ Children’s museums ■ History museums ■ Visitor centers

MISSION To create public experiences that inspire a sense of wonder.

VISION A continuously-changing planning and design studio that is always striving to achieve new goals. We devise user-centered experiences that empower the visitor to interact with museum content.

VALUES We value diversity in all of its forms: thinking, people and experiences. We value thought-provoking adventures. We value a sense of curiosity. We value a sense of surprise.

Museum Planning LLC Services:

  • Museum Feasibility Studies
  • Museum Strategic Planning
  • Museum Master Planning
  • Interactive Museum Exhibition Design
  • Museum Exhibition Evaluation
  • Museum Project Management