Museums and a Metaphysical Crisis

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Today the world faces a metaphysical crisis, and I believe museums have an essential role in providing leadership in times of crisis by providing leadership to audiences. I am in the minority in this view; most people do not share my point of view and instead believe that museums should “stay out of politics” or “should maintain a neutral point …

Exhibition Concept Rendering

Museum Planning LLC Process

Mark Museum Master Planning

Since 1999 Museum Planning LLC has been providing services as interactive museum planning and design studio. To date we have been part of opening more than forty museums including projects in the USA, Mexico, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Malaysia. Our services are “turnkey” including, feasibility, strategic planning, exhibition design, fabrication management and staff training Museum Planning LLC Typical Project Phases: …

Museum Exterior Signage

Museum Exterior Signage

Mark Museum Exterior Signage

Museum Planning LLC just finished the design and installation of the museum exterior signage for the C.O. Polk Interactive Museum. Our work included the design of the two exterior museum monument signs with integrated LED readout, the building overhead illuminated sign and the building entrance sign. Please contact us is we can be of assistance with your exterior museum signage.   Thanks …

Museum Design Thinking

Museum Planning Workshops

Mark Museum Planning Workshop

One of the questions I am asked the most often is “how do we start ?” My most often reply, is we start with a museum planning workshop. The workshop is a two-day on-site meeting to review your museum project and set project objectives. Prior to the workshop, I will send a Museum Planning Questionnaire to gain information about your project. …